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Minimarket Studio


Latest project


La scandalosa e la Magnifica

Musei Reali Torino

Minimarket Studio handles the setup and graphic design of the exhibition 'The Scandalous and the Magnificent' which kicks off the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the Museum of Antiquities in Turin.
In addition to creating the exhibition, the agency also becomes a sponsor of some of the museum's activities, taking a leading role in an important moment for the city.

CA Moblity Stand

IAA Mobility Munich 2023

Minimarket Studio realizes, again for Credit Agricole, the first immersive digital LED booth in the automotive field. As a general contractor, it takes care of the planning, scenic design, staging, production of the immersive 3D content, press conference and catering.

The Gallery

Firenze Santa Maria Novella

Minimarket Studio participates in the design concept of the new Santa Maria Novella shopping mall in Florence in partnership with FPA Architects. It produces an immersive artistic video completely made in 3D that simulates waves invading the space

CA Moblity Stand

Paris Motor Show 2022

Minimarket Studio signs the design and implementation of the Crédit Agricole booth at the Paris International Salon 2022 by creating shapes and choosing the most suitable technologies to communicate the new souls of
the acquired brands in finance and car rental.

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